Internationell Vfla Dag


On March 14th, 2002, the CU Scandinavian Club held it's first annual Internationell Vfla Dag (International Waffle Day...for the svenska challenged) celebration.  There were displays showcasing Scandinavian culture and history, various tables full of authentic craftwork, incredible music and dancing, a Scandinavian storyteller, a sampling of Scandinavian food, and of course, waffles.


A traditional Swedish Dala Horse, displayed outside the hall, welcomed everybody to the festivities.
Two very energetic club members greeted attendees and answered any questions they might have about the celebration or Scandinavian culture in general.
This is where a hardy group of volunteers made waffles for hours on end.
I definitely have a love of waffles and had no problems with donating a few hours of my time (not to mention two waffle irons) towards the effort.
People started trickling in shortly after 5:00 PM and were very eager to see the sights and eat some waffles.
This long line in the background was for the food...which was excellent by the way.
A small sample of the traditional Scandinavian fare which was offered.  This one doesn't show the meatballs which were my favorite by far.
Here's the storyteller reciting some of the Sagas.
These were two of the people who brought some of their crafts to show off.
There always seemed to be a crowd around the hand-knitted sweaters.
Nothing compared to the constant line to get waffles though.  We had to get a second batch of batter as the first was gone in about an hour.
Though these didn't come out of either of my waffle irons, the heart shaped waffles were my favorite.
The hall really filled up with people enjoying a great meal and some tasty waffles after a while.
We almost needed more tables!
They're not called Sagas for nothing.  The storyteller was on stage for quite a while.
These incredible hand-painted plates were one of my favorite attractions.
These two women gave demonstrations on spinning wool into yarn.