Chris and Nina went to Lake Jackson, Texas to visit Chris' grandmother Eloise for her 90th birthday party.  Sadly, this was the last time that we got to see Eloise as she passed away the following October.  We are all very thankful for the time we were able to spend with her.


Nina sits in our cool convertible rental car.
Chris' mother, Diana, takes a break while his uncle, Jim, gets in the picture.
Eloise chatting with one of her friends.
Diana and Jennafer play with Eloise's new camera.
Chris and Nina take a self portrait.
Eloise preparing to dig in to her big cake.
Uncle Jim, helping himself to some of that cake while Eloise looks on.
Eloise opening cards and presents and having a wonderful time.
We spent our last day at the beach just outside of Lake Jackson.
The waves would sometimes crash pretty strongly against the rocks.