Snowshoeing at Brainard Lake in late January



Nina is trudging along.


Chris & Nina stop for a quick break with Jane.


Chris (the photographer) is just catching up to Malin, Anders, and Nina as they're deciding which way to go.


Malin, Anders, and Nina trying to catch up to Chris.


Jane is scouting ahead to ensure the group's safety.


Anders is giving Jane a huge smile of appreciation.


Malin and Nina lag behind for some "girl talk". 


Anders and Malin pose for a picture, giant ear flaps and all.


It took about four shots to get one with Jane looking forward.


Jane, doing her best Pointer impersonation.


Aren't we just so outdoorsy?


The beautiful view near our final resting point.


Anders, Nina, and Jane bringing up the rear.


Malin, Chris, and Nina force Jane to enjoy a good sit before heading back.


Malin is really tall! (and standing slightly uphill of Nina)


Anders, Malin, and Nina posing before the trek back.


These three were ready for anything.


Chris and Nina getting snuggly one last time.