New Mexico   

Nina and I went to Santa Fe for a long weekend on April 24th, 2002.  While Nina spent most of her time preparing for her friend Elise's wedding, I got in some mountain biking, saw Juliet's (her sister) play, and read a bit.


Okay, so I was a little bored and took some pictures around the house.
I'm not sure if this is a non-functioning fountain or if it used to be a well, but I liked it.
One of the few things I found with flowers on it.
On Friday afternoon I decided to go for a short bike ride at Caja del Rio Plateau.  It wasn't the most scenic ride I've ever been on but I did have fun doing it...and got a little sunburned.
At about this point I realized that I was lost and had better stop taking pictures and figure out how to get back to the car.  In the end, I only ended up adding an extra mile to my planned trip.
On Saturday we went to Matt and Elise's wedding and reception.  A fun time was had by all as we enjoyed great company and danced the night away.
Mary Gray, Juliet, Nina, and Bethany posed for one of many pictures.
Kevin got a bit crowded as Matt and Elise lit the candles on our table.
Even most of the children watched on as Matt and Elise had their first dance.
Heedless to the whim of the crowd, Elise did not smear cake all over Matt's face.
The bouquet was in the air and the single women were scrambling for it.
The men didn't seem quite as enthusiastic about catching the garter.
And we ended our stay in Santa Fe with a big breakfast at Tecolote, where we had to wait outside for about a half hour before being seated.