October 19th-October 21st

We started out at Murphy's Pub in Oldtowne Alexandria on Friday night and went down to good 'ole southern Maryland for the Oyster Festival on Saturday afternoon.

You can see the crowded bar beyond the reaches of our table...which was right in front of the band!
Chuck and Alicia were a little surprised to see me when they got there as I took an earlier flight.
Where is Johnny's hand?  And why do I look so happy?
The bar is getting more crowded as the night wears on.
The band (Double Down) started playing and everybody began singing and clapping along to the music.
Scott looking happy and evil.
It's impossible not to have a great time at Murphy's Pub.
Damn Johnny and his hands!!  He's got me and Chuck all excited now.
I don't think anybody wants to know what Scott is doing and why Alicia is so frightened.
Everybody got in the spirit that night.
This was about the cutest sight of the entire evening.
And here we all are having a giant group hug.
Showing off the lovely shape of my head.
Yes, I made fun of everybody standing in line to get in at 1:00 AM.
This was a constant site in front of the fried oyster tent.
I shelled out plenty of hard earned cash for my share of oysters...which was actually two or three peoples' shares.
The spoils of war!
Chuck and Jennafer couldn't be bothered with waiting for the rest of us.
Maybe southern Maryland turns you into a glutton, but we stopped later for sandwiches after eating oysters.