February 26, 2000

Many of my friends and I gathered at Murphy's Grand Irish Pub in Alexandria, Virginia as a kind of last hoorah before I left for Colorado.  Needless to say, the late hours at Murphy's made for a hard time of getting up and driving 1000 miles the next morning.  A great time was had by all and I got some awesome going away presents.

Looking like we're ready to head out and tear up the joint.

Here I am opening one of my many gifts...this one was a wall clock with an inscription from my friends.

And here I am showing off the clock with everybody who can squeeze into the picture.

Scott's gift was a replica of a medieval dagger...sorry, no pictures in the unwrapped state.

The night is just about to get started.

I wish I could remember what I was looking at because that's a pretty strange expression.

Russ letting everybody know that we had the best table in the place reserved.

Ah, Guinness.

Everybody was clapping and singing along.

Scott, plotting something evil, as usual.

Me and Russ getting a little closer.

The bar was packed and we were having a great time.

Scott trying desperately to clear off the table.

Scott's savior arrives at last.  Boy, is he talented.

Can you feel the love?  I know Jeremy can.

Chuck getting snuggly with Alicia after a few beers.

Half of the band, Double Down, warming up the stage.

What better way to end an evening than with Johnny.