Nina and I went for a hike near Estes Park on Saturday, April 13th.  Although we were very tired by the time we got home (well, Nina and I were tired...the dogs seem to have some unlimited source of energy) we had a wonderful time.


Bridger and Jane run off to greet the strange dog approaching them.

Nina pauses to look pretty for the camera.

Nina keeps trudging along.
As you can probably tell, I was lagging behind for a considerable part of the hike...I was carrying all of our stuff, plus everything I would need for a month in Europe (I need the practice carrying all that stuff).
A beautiful view of the mountains in the Estes Park area.

Nina's rounding up the dogs for a group photo.

Bridger and Jane are totally disinterested in having their picture taken.
At least now Bridger is looking at the camera...while Jane is more interested in me.
An open, but fairly steep, field in the middle of the mountains.
Pausing for another group photo.
One of the many cliffs that wall in the trail.
We stopped for lunch and Bridger decided to show off how great a swimmer he is.
Bridger brings back yet another stick while Jane looks apprehensively out towards the water.
And Bridger is after yet another stick.
He just wouldn't get out of the water!
Jane still looks a bit scared.  She was in the water from time to time but never actually swimming...more like wading.
Salmon aren't the only animals that can swim upstream!
Jane and Nina pose for a very wet and shivery photo.
The canyon we were hiking up...and up...and up.
Another shot of the canyon.
Another one of the cliffs adjacent to the trail.
This stream may look cool and inviting but the water is probably around forty degrees right now as it's mainly snowmelt.
Nearing the turn-around point of our trip, Nina pauses for a cheery photo shoot.
I'm using most of my reserve energy just to get my foot up on that railing.  I'd like to bury the pack out here and drive back to pick it up later.
A massive slab of rock on the far side of the trail.
The end of the line.  Now we just get to hike back :-)