My family (George, Diana, and Jennafer) came to visit for a weekend in May, 2002.  We went to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Boulder Falls, Nederland, the Celestial Seasonings factory tour, and the Railroad Museum in Golden.  Feel free to look at the pictures from our weekend.

Garden of the Gods

The visiting Littles stop for a quick photo shoot.

I couldn't resist.

Boulder Falls

Judging from the fact that they're all looking in different directions, I'd say that Jennafer, Nina, and George were lost.

George, Diana, and Jennafer enjoying the scenery at the entrance to Boulder Falls.

Taking a much needed break.

Train Museum

On the #15 for a ride around the museum...actually it was three rides around the museum.

George pointing something out.

Nina and me enjoying our very cozy train ride.

Nina in one of the sleeping compartments.

This was the biggest train at the museum.  Nina was standing right next to that was over six foot around.