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Thursday, May 30th Friday, May 31st


Plane from Denver to Baltimore, Baltimore to London, London to Warsaw

United 1618, Denver to Baltimore, 11:10-16:20

BA 228, Baltimore to London (Heathrow), 20:40-9:00+1day

BA4450, London (Heathrow) to Warsaw, 10:40-14:05


Friday, May 31st


Train from Warsaw to Gdansk, 16:07-19:49, EX4800


Friday, May 31st - Monay, June 3th


In Gdansk, Poland (3 days, 3 nights)

Mac Tour  100 zl/night  no lockout  no curfew

addr: ul. Beethovena 8  tele: 48 58 306 29 90


Monday, June 3rd - Tuesday, June 4th


Train from Gdansk to Krakow, 22:33-8:33+1day, D83208(22:38-8:33+1day)


Tuesday, June 4th - Thursday, June 6th


In Krakow, Poland (2 days, 2 nights)

Pod Sokolem  80zl/night  no lockout  no curfew

addr: ul. Sokolska 17  tele: 48 12 292 01 99  email:


Thursday, June 6th


Train from Krakow to Prague, 8:08-17:04, D34102(8:08-9:30) EC131(9:58-11:48) IC120(12:12-17:04)


Thursday, June 6th - Sunday, June 9th


In Prague, Czech Republic (3 days)

Dlouha 33  370kc/night  no lockout  no curfew

addr: dlouha 33  tele: 420 2 24 82 66 62


Monday, June 10th - Tuesday, June 11th


Bus from Prague to Kutna Hora, every 20 min from Prague-Florenc


In Kutna Hora, Czech Republic (1 day)


Bus from Kutna Hora to Prague, every 20 min from Kutna Hora

Train from Prague to Budapest, 23:22-8:05+1day, D375(23:22-8:05+1day)


Tuesday, June 11th - Wednesday, June 12th


In Budapest, Hungary (2 days, 1 night)

Station Guest House  2200ft/night  no lockout  no curfew

addr: XIV Mexikoi ut 36/B  tele: 36 1 221 88 64  email:


Wednesday, June 12th - Friday, June 14th


Train from Budapest to Istanbul, 19:10-8:27+2days, D-353(19:10-10:43+1day) D499(14:05-08:27+1day)


Friday, June 14th - Monday, June 17th


In Istanbul, Turkey (4 days, 3 nights)

Istanbul Hostel  $6/night  no lockout  no curfew

addr: 35 Kutlugun Sok  tele: 90 212 519 93 80  email:


Monday, June 17th


Bus from Istanbul to Bodrum, 21:00-10:00+1day


Tuesday, June 18th - Wednesday, June 19th


In Bodrum, Turkey (2 days, 2 nights)

Marina 24 Suites  $35/night  no lockout  no curfew

addr: Poyraz Sokak No. 17  tele: 90 252 313 3272


Wednesday, June 19th - Thursday June 20th


NINA:  Plane from Denver to Baltimore

Frontier 644L, Denver to Baltimore, 18:40-23:55


Thursday, June 20th


Boat from Bodrum to Kos, 9:00-10:00


In Kos, Greece (1 day)


Thursday, June 20th - Friday, June 21st


Boat from Kos to Athens, 18:30-8:00+1day


NINA: Plane from Washington D.C. (Dulles) to Amsterdam

KLM 6036, Washington D.C. (Dulles) to Amsterdam, 17:35-7:15+1day

KLM 1575, Amsterdam to Athens, 9:50-14:15


Friday, June 21st - Wednesday, June 26th


In Athens, Greece and surrounding areas (6 days, 6 nights)

Cecil Hotel  $50/night  no lockout  no curfew

addr:  39 Athinas  tele: 00 30 10 321 8005  e-mail:


Thursday, June 27th


Plane from Athens to London, London to Washington D.C.

BA 631, Athens to London (Heathrow), 8:10-10:15

BA 223, London (Heathrow) to Washington D.C. (Dulles), 13:50-16:55


NINA: Plane from Athens to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Washington D.C. (Dulles)

KLM 1572, Athens to Amsterdam, 6:00-8:45

KLM 6035, Amsterdam to Washington D.C.  (Dulles), 11:35-14:05


Thursday, Jun 27th - Sunday, June 30th


In southern Maryland


Sunday, June 30th


Plane from Baltimore to Denver

United 1619, Baltimore to Denver, 16:45-18:36


NINA: Plane from Baltimore to Denver

Frontier 645, Baltimore to Denver, 17:10-19:00


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