In July of 1999 I went to Boulder, CO to visit my good friend Kathy for five days.  These are some pictures of the great time we had out there.  There are many more pictures of Kathy than of me, since she is much more attractive than I am.  Enjoy!


Here's a shot of Kathy next to our kayaks right before we headed out for a fun Saturday of kayaking on the Boulder Reservoir.
I just couldn't wait to get in the water.
Kathy is wondering what in the hell I'm doing.
Here's a shot of one part of the reservoir.  We paddled across the whole thing.
I spent a great deal of time learning to roll the boat.  These next three photos are an action sequence of me doing just that.  Here I am setting up.
I am now upside down and really hoping that I get it right this time.
And finally I resurface.
On Sunday we drove out to Estes Park and went horseback riding, among other things.  These are a bunch of the cowboys that ran the Sombrero Ranch.
We both paused to take in the scenery for a bit.
Here's one of Kathy's horse's butt...and our guide way off in the distance.
We stopped by the Stanley Hotel on our way out.  This is where The Shining was filmed.
Another shot of the Stanley.
This was at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We got out of the car and hung out here for a little while.
Another picture of some of the mountains near the park entrance.
Obviously, me in front of a big piece of rock.
Kathy decided to go rock climbing to pass the time.
I thought it looked fun up there so I climbed up too.
We were driving back home when we saw a rainbow.  Kathy was commenting on a double rainbow she had seen in Wyoming, while I was lamenting that I had never seen a double rainbow.  Not more than a minute later, the second arc appeared.
And here we are, back at home, palling around and generally being stupid.