The MS 150 Chesterfield Challenge


Hello All!  Once again, Chuck, Alicia, and Chris ventured out on their trusted bicycles to help raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis.  A great time was had by all.  A headwind on Saturday and rain on Sunday were the only drawbacks to an otherwise perfect weekend.  Feel free to peruse the few pictures that Chris was able to take during this two-day adventure.  Just for the record, Chuck and Alicia rode 150 Km whereas Chris rode 150 miles...hence the low number of pictures taken by Chris this year.  He was busy trying not to pass out.  Enjoy!


Chuck uses his superior strength to secure the bikes to Chris' Jeep.

Alicia is still trying to wake up on Saturday morning.

There were lots of sailboats on the Chester River (at least that's what river I think it was).

Right next to the boats was this pier.  You may be wondering what this has to do with our bike ride, but Chris thought it was interesting at the time.

You can really see the gray skies that were over us for two days in this shot.  The guy in the yellow was an older gentleman who passed Chris a few times on both days.

This is the only shot Chris was able to get of himself.  It's not as easy as it might look.

A large group of cyclists are gathered at the third rest stop.

The same group but from farther away.  Chris spent a bit of time here as he skipped the second stop and was VERY tired.

Lunchtime at last.  Chris finally met up with Chuck and Alicia again.

These two lovebirds appear very happy to be off their bikes for at least a little while.

Chuck and Chris are smiling and they have no idea why.  The days only half over!

Chuck and Alicia are standing on their toes because there is no way that Chris is that short.

Abandoned bikes were all around as everybody rushed to get some food.

The day wears on and the bikers keep moving though endless miles of wheat.