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Here we have Chris (me), Chuck, and Alicia (husband and wife...aren't they cute) very early in the morning before the tour started.

This is a very lovely shot of me riding past a telephone pole right across from the first rest stop.

Chuck, Chris, and Alicia getting ready to head out from the first rest stop.

Chuck and Alicia are seen stuffing their faces with the first of many bananas at the second rest stop.

Approaching a nice downhill near the middle of the course.

The finish line!!!!...for the first day.

Alicia is getting a much needed massage at the end of the first day.

Ditto for Chris.

Ditto again for Chuck.

Chris is admiring his fine job of setting up BOTH of the tents since he got done SO much earlier than Chuck and Alicia on the first day.

Chuck and Alicia anticipating the bottle of wine that would be drunk in about 15 minutes.

At 8:00 AM Chuck, Chris, and Alicia head out for the second day's ride.

Chris is hot on Alicia's trail.

Chris is too tired to fight the wind resistance any more so he gets into his most aerodynamic position.

Ditto for Chuck...as he passes Chris' bike on the side of the road.

Here is Alicia not expecting to have her picture taken.

Chuck was soooo much faster than Alicia and Chris that he had to wait at the top of the hill for them to catch up.

The REAL finish line!!!