For our first wedding anniversary, Nina, Jane, Otis and Chris went to Telluride, Colorado.  Nina used to live here back in her reporter days so she acted as a tour guide for the rest of us.

Nina made sure that we all got a great workout while we were in Telluride.  This is at the beginning of the Bear Creek trail.
Looking out at the mountains on our way up to the top of the trail.
One of the many tributaries that fed into Bear Creek along the trail.
A small waterfall on our way to the top.  We hiked down to it and hung out for a little while.
This is very near where Nina fell off the trail.  She was walking over an area where a spring was coming out of the ground and the soil under her feet gave way.  She only fell about ten feet down the slope but it was a little scary.
The waterfall at the end of the Bear Creek trail.
We couldn't get Jane to look at the camera no matter how hard we tried.
Nina, tough as ever, posing in front of the waterfall.
Another view of the waterfall on our return trip.
On Sunday morning we decided to take the gondola over to Mountain Village.  It's mainly just a place for people to stay during the ski season but it was a nice excursion from Telluride.  Jane did NOT like the gondola.
Looking down into Mountain Village.
More large mountains off in the distance.
And more mountains.
The town of Telluride as our gondola approached.
Right before lunch we took a short hike up the Jud Wiebe trail.  It wasn't very long so we were back in about an hour and a half.  There were many smaller waterfalls like this one along the way.
This is the Cornett Falls waterfall at the end of the trail.  Sometimes the wind would blow so hard in here that the entire waterfall would be pressed up against the rocks at the left.
Otis, Nina and Jane looking very silly.
This shot actually took a few tries as the wind kept blowing the waterfall out of the picture.  It's still very hard to see here but this was the best one.
After lunch we took a much longer hike up the Jud Wiebe trail.  Here is a view of town near the bottom of the trail.
Barely visible in the distance is the Bridal Veil falls.
Higher and higher we go.  The terrain changed quite a bit throughout the course of this hike.
We're just about to the top and can see some of the higher-up ski runs in the distance.
We all stopped at the top for a little break and a photo opportunity.
Here we are on our way back down.  It was such a relief.
Nearing the bottom and the town is in view again.  This was one tough hike!
We spent most of Monday (our anniversary) in the car seeing lots of southwest Colorado.  This is actually just the San Juan river that runs through the center of Telluride.  We took several hikes along the path here while were in town.
Another view of the San Juan river.  The dogs would constantly dart in and out of the water as we walked along.
More of the river
The San Juan river and the Bridal Veil waterfall way off in the distance.
On our way out of Ouray and on to Silverton (both near Telluride), we found the remains of this glacier along the side of the road.  We had to let the dogs out to play on it.
This is the river that fed into the bottom of the glacier.
The dogs doing their thing and having a good time.  We did a small tour of Ouray and had lunch in Silverton.  On the way back home we stopped at the Orvis hot springs for an hour to relax.
We left Telluride on Tuesday to head back to Boulder.  This is just a shot of the main street through town.  Cars are actually allowed to park in the center of the road.
The Sneffles mountain range that surrounds Telluride.  We had a great time and will probably be back again soon.