My second trip to Sweden!


Above the Arctic Circle

I arrived in Sweden on Saturday morning and proceeded to fly directly to Kiruna.  Kiruna is a small town approximately 200 Km above the arctic circle.  I spent one night in Kiruna and then one night in the Ice Hotel.  It was really an amazing trip.  I slept in an igloo, ate a reindeer, rode a snowmobile on a frozen river, saw the northern lights, and met lots of great people.

Snowboarding at Åre

After two days in the far northern reaches of Sweden, I traveled a little further south to a town called Östersund.  From Östersund I was only a bus ride away from one of the best ski resorts in Sweden, Åre.  I was in the town of Åre for three days and actually snowboarded for 2 days.  While the conditions were better than most resorts on the east coast of the US, I think that I’ve been spoiled by riding in Colorado.

Stockholm and Uppsala

The final three days of my trip took place in Stockholm and a town called Uppsala just north of Stockholm.  I hung out with friends and traveled to two castles and a cathedral.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to end my vacation.