Steamboat Springs


Nina and I took a nice 4 day vacation over Thanksgiving to Steamboat Springs in northern Colorado.

On Thanksgiving morning we decided to do a little hike along the creek that leads away from the hot springs.  It was a nice trip out but all uphill on the way back.
Nina pauses on the way down.
Nina on the way back up...wearing much less clothing.
This is the main hot springs area.  There are a few different pools of varying temperatures.  The first night we were here (Wednesday) was a little tough.  It was pitch black out and snowing.  We had to navigate to the water, while naked and being snowed on, and try to avoid falling into the river.
Here's another view of the hot springs.  The giant tee-pee is for changing, as is the little stone hut to the right.  The source of the springs runs right through the hut so it was nice and warm for changing clothes.
Here is Nina posing in front of the entrance to our little caboose.  That gas stove got the place so hot at one point that we couldn't stand to be in it anymore.
Here is the rest of our caboose.  Unfortunately, we didn't know that we would have a kitchen and didn't bring any cookable foods.  We had planned on going back into town for all of our meals, but after one trip on the road to the Strawberry Hot Springs, we decided to just eat the snacks and stuff that we brought with us and wait until Thanksgiving dinner to head back into town.
The outside of our caboose.  This was on Friday morning after receiving about eight inches of snow the night before.
Nina waving goodbye as we prepare to leave the caboose.
After an early morning dip in the springs, Nina got a massage.  I walked around and took pictures of the springs again, this time covered in snow.
The brown patch in the back is the rocks that the warm spring water flows over before being pooled for our enjoyment.
Another view of the springs with the river running down the center of the picture.
Near one of the changing cabins.
Outside of the changing cabin where I hung out.
The path we had to walk down to get from our car to the springs.  It's a lot steeper than it looks.
We spent most of Friday walking around town and relaxing after checking into a hotel room.  On Saturday morning we drove up to the Nordic Center at the resort and did some cross-country skiing.  This is only about my third time on these things and am proud to say that I only fell once on this outing!
Here's Nina taking a break on the very well groomed trails at the Nordic Center.  We were here for about an hour and a half and then headed back home.  It was a great four days in Steamboat.