The Maryland Renaissance Faire!

In October of 2000, I traveled back to 'ole Maryland to enjoy a weekend with good friends at the Maryland Renaissance Faire.  Below are some pictures from the faire...don't ask too many questions about them as not many of us were sober enough to remember what was going on. 



Here we find Chris polishing his boots in preparation for the big day...
While Chuck takes a different approach to getting ready...instead of getting dressed standing up like a normal person, he lays his clothes on the floor and rolls around till they stick.
Jeremy wants no distractions while donning his he departs to the supposed privacy of Johnnie's bedroom...little did he know...
Here's Chuck, Jeremy, and Chris feeling vastly superior to the droves of people who hadn't the imagination nor desire to become a part of the faire.
Jeremy, the 18th century captain, puffs happily on his cigar.
Chuck doesn't seem to mind that it's only 10:00 AM and he's drinking wine out of a cup that Chris made out of leather and beeswax.
Chris only thinks he looks cool while smoking a cigar.
A little late in arriving in costume, Johnny was still a very welcome site.
Here's the whole group, minus Chris (he was taking the picture) hanging out at the White Heart Pub.  We didn't know the guy in red but we named him The Monsignor.  He followed us around for a better part of the day, until David scared him off.
My friends and family relaxing in the shade.
And at last Chuck gets to rest after a hard days work.

If you're interested in seeing close-ups of my outfit, please follow this link.  There are no captions as the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.