Holiday Blizzard '06

December 20-21, 2006

The entire state of Colorado closed for two days!! All major highways in and out of Colorado were closed, all schools and government offices were closed, local malls were used as shelters, the mail stopped, the airport closed and stranded 4,700 travelers and Chris and Nina Little did NOT make it to Santa Fe, NM for Christmas!! The town of Erie, where we live, got 30" of snow in 24 hours. We had snow drifts of over 5' throughout our neighborhood.


First, we had to dig out the dog door so our dogs could do their business!

Otis ventures into the backyard on Wednesday afternoon.

We had to beat our trees with brooms to keep them from collapsing.

Jane and Otis explore our backyard winter wonderland.

Normally, we have an excellent view of the front range mountains, not today!

Chris, the protector of trees, whacks snow off branches with a broom.

Chris... buried to his knees and barely visible!

Jane about to disappear into the storm.....

Otis trying to get a treat.

Frustrated, he tries out his best bat impersonation!

Chris shoveling off the deck so that the dogs can get out the dog door.

Nina's Subaru wagon buried in the driveway on Thursday morning (the day we had planned to drive 7 hours to Santa Fe, NM. Unfortunately for us, I-25 was closed for two days, then again, we couldn't even get out of our driveway!).

Believe it or not, this is the cul de sac that we live on buried under snow.

Jane peaking out from the trench our neighbors created after shoveling their driveway.

Otis, thoroughly enjoying a romp through the snow.

The dogs surveying their snowy turf.

We're pretty sure this is a 5' trellis!

The dogs on the prowl...

Jane getting a snow bath.

Jane and Otis taking a break from total combat snow battles.

Otis showing off his sasckwatch growl.

Nina buried in snow past her knees in our cul de sac.

Jane working on a snow tunnel.

Jane giving up and deciding to settle for a snow cave.

Jane and Otis chillin' in their snow caves.

This is the street in front of our house... no plowing, no tracks, no cars, no people, no movement, no nothing!

Believe it or not, there's a street running through this neighborhood!

Our neighbor apparently didn't bother to dig out their mini van.

Otis "prancing" through the snow.

Jane "o'er the fields she goes"......

Chris worked very hard to clear our driveway....

Unfortunately for him, it was a path to nowhere....

So, he decided to use our wagon as a battering ram and slowly but surely backed it forward and backward down the driveway making a "path".

Chris attempting to clear the sidewalk.

Our neighbor, Mike, showed up with a snow blower and is now the hero of Akers Court!

Our car, looking a bit like a toboggan ready to slide down a luge course.

Our neighbors huge dogs are barely visible as they run down the path made by the snow blower.

Only the head and ears of Truman, a huge German Sheppard, are visible over the snow.