What have we been up to lately?

 Tour De Vine. A charity bicycle race Chris was involved with in 1998.

 Paris. Chris went to Paris on October 11th 1998.  Be sure to check out how it went.

 Halloween, 1998. Chris and Scott had their second annual Halloween Party on October 31st, 1998.

 Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Chris and some coworkers got away for 4 days or R&R.

 Chestertown Challenge. Another charity bicycle race.  This one was 150 miles though.

 Boulder, CO. Chris went to Boulder in July to visit a friend.

 Stockholm. Chris went to Stockholm for a weekend in October 1999.

 Moving to Colorado. Chris and friends got together for a going away party at Murphy's before moving in February 2000..

 Renaissance Faire. The Maryland Renaissance Faire...2000.

 Sweden. Chris went back to Sweden for 9 days in January 2001.

 Chris' Jeep. A never ending work in progress. (Jeep is gone now...sniff, sniff)

 Maryland. Chris spent a weekend in Maryland and Virginia in October 2001.

 Nina's Birthday, 2001 Chris, Nina and Emily went out on the town for Nina's birthday.

 Halloween, 2001 Chris was Dr. Evil and Nina was Judy Jetson (but everyone thought she was a fembot).

 Internationell Våfladag. The International Waffle Day Celebration with the CU Scandinavian Club.

 Hiking. We spent a Saturday hiking just outside of Estes Park.

 New Mexico. We went to Santa Fe for a long weekend in April 2002.

 Family Trip. Chris' mom, dad, and sister came for a 4 day weekend in May 2002.

 Eastern Europe Chris took a month off to bum around eastern Europe in June 2002.  Nina joined him in Greece and got a surprise.

 Halloween, 2002. Nina, Blue, and Chris had a great time at the Cabaret Diosa show on October 31, 2002.

 Snowshoeing. Malin, Anders, Nina, and Chris went snowshoeing all the time in the winter of 2002/2003.

 Bridal Shower. Nina's Bridal Shower in March of 2003.

 Lake Jackson, TX. We visited Chris' grandmother Eloise for her 90th birthday party.

 Our Wedding. We were married on July 5, 2003.  There were lots of fun events leading up to the wedding.

 Professional, Black and White Wedding Photos. 

 Professional, Fuzzy, Black and White Wedding Photos. 

 Professional, Color Wedding Photos. 

 Honeymoon in Costa Rica We spent two amazing weeks in Costa Rica for our honeymoon in July of 2003.

 Swizterland/France. We spent a week in Switzerland and France over the New Year's holiday of 2003/2004.

 Telluride. We took the dogs for a long weekend trip to Telluride, Colorado for our first wedding anniversary.

 Steamboat Springs. We went to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for Thanksgiving of 2004.

 Nina's Graduation. Nina Graduated from Regis University in May of 2005 with a 4.0 GPA!

 Road Trip. We went on a road trip from Colorado to the east coast and back through Canada in July of 2005.

 East Coast. Nina and Chris spent a week between Maryland, Virginia and New York in March of 2006.

 Shreveport, LA. We took a trip to Shreveport, LA in August of 2006 to see where Nina's grandmother Doris had spent most of her life.

 Blizzard '06. The entire state was shut down for two days due to one of the largest winter storms in Colorado history.

 Malin & Anders' Wedding. We went to Sweden for four days in January, 2007 to attend our good friends' wedding.

 Hawaii. We went to Hawaii for a week and a half in March of 2007 for some much needed R&R.

 Chuck's Visit. Chris' best friend Chuck came out to visit for a week in May of 2007.

 Mazatlán, Mexico. The hottest week of the year in Mexico (August, 2007) saw us visiting beautiful Mazatlán.

 MD, DC & VA Beach. We spent a week traveling between Virginia Beach, Washington D.C. and southern Maryland in October of 2007.

 Costa Rica & NicaraguaWe spent two weeks in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in January of 2008.

 San Francisco. Five days in San Francisco was just enough to see the whole city and catch a couple of wicked colds.

 Santa Fe FiestaWe visited Santa Fe during the first week of September to celebrate Fiestas and visit with Nina's family.

 Halloween, 2008We dressed up as lawn ornaments for Halloween this year.

  Chris took a series of photos of our yard over the course of a year to see how things changed..

 March, 2009 - May, 2009.

 June, 2009 - August, 2009.

 September, 2009 - November, 2009.

 December, 2009 - February, 2010.

 China.  We spent two weeks in the spring of 2009 visiting numerous towns and cities in China.

 Baby Watch 2009/2010.  Awaiting the arrival of our twins.

 YouTube Home videos of the twins.